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    Jumat, 12 Desember 2008

    Eliminate virus

    First Step 
    1. Make sure the antivirus update 
    2. Enter the flash disk to your PC or Laptop 
    3. Do not open a dialog box that appears when the flash disk is inserted into a PC or laptop. 
    The second step 
    1. Open Windows Explorer or My Computer 
    2. Click the right mouse position in the flash disk drive, usually F: 
        3. Then select the appropriate anti-virus scan virus used ( "remember", a word antivirus update) 
        4.  Restoring data 

    Once the virus is missing from flash disk, it is time to restore the data hidden (Hidden). Next steps: 
    1. Open Command Prompt, by the way can click Start - Run, type cmd or command (for Windows 98/ME). 
    2. After the open command prompt window, then type attrib-h-r-s-a / s / DF: (with notes in the C drive, for example; C: \ Documents and Settings \ Papa> attrib-h-r-s -- a / s / df)
    3. Then, after the diketikkan command, and then enter. 
    4. If steps are not successful No.2, you move from position to the C drive flash disk drive (usually F), to move the position of the drive, follow these steps, if the position of the flash disk in the computer or laptop is in the drive M, then (as examples) ; C: \ Documents and Settings \ Papa> F: and then enter it will move to drive F: \> 
    5. Once in position flash disk drive and type the command with the same steps No.2, but for f: that behind the removed, as an example: F: \> attrib-h-r-s-a / s / d, then enter. 
    6. After the process, now try to check the folders or files in the flash disk.

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